Monday, January 19, 2015

New book / New work / New stockists

New Book

A long time ago Marie Perkins aka Bowie Style emailed me to ask if I would be part of her new Print & Pattern book Geometric. Uhh...yes! It landed a couple of weeks ago and is a gorgeous chunky book full of colour and pattern. I'm chuffed to be one of the artists featured.


 New Work

I'm back at the Lilla Rogers' Bootcamp which has been a brilliant start to the year. I don't normally need help getting ideas, I can be pretty prolific work-wise, but during the countdown to Christmas I slowed down a lot and got a little bit lazy! So it's great to get a kickstart with a project that was really out of my comfort zone, but that I managed to turn around and make into something that looked like me.

The theme was Edwardian jewellery and the product a journal. Once I got into the swing of it I couldn't stop. I'm still going now in fact, but will probably enter no.3 into the online gallery.

New stockists

I picked up lots of new stockists when I did Top Drawer including Tate Modern, Illustrated Living, and Chirpy. You can check out all my current stockists over on my website here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blog Hop Q&A

Hey! Natalie Singh from The Homely Place nominated me for the Blog Hop. I have to answer a few questions about my creative life, then pass it on. Been a long time since I did one of these! What did it used to be called? Can't remember.
Check out Natalie's lovely work on Not On The High Street, you'll probably recognise it. 

Next Monday the lovely Nancy McKenzie will answer the questions. Nancy's one of my compadres from the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp. Though the course finished earlier in the summer, the facebook group continues to be a great source of inspiration and advice. You can find Nancy's beautiful work here.

So, here goes...

Why do I create what I do? 

I find it hard not to create. I get an idea and I have to get it down on paper. I have long list of projects that are either just ideas or are in progress. Here are a few:

Tiles of Olhao (started sketching)
I am a mammal! (idea complete in my head)
Bodega Cat (started sketching)
Camping (almost finished but not quite happy with it yet)
Spy paper (sketched and ready to start working on)
Flea Market (in progress)

I love drawing, and I want my work to be accessible, so art prints and cards was the direction I went in.
Most of my ideas come from an image that jumps out of nowhere, or something I read in the paper, something someone has been talking about. A lot of stuff comes from the kids, like Heroes & Villains, they're really into disguises at the moment.

How does my creative process work?

I get an idea, I write it down immediately or will forget it. If I don;t have a means to write it down I have to concoct one of those visual stories and commit that to memory so it's easy to remember!
I brainstorm ideas or just start sketching. I refine my drawings and trace them if needed. Then I scan in and start working on them digitally. I think about colour palettes, will it be limited or multi. I might go through my elle decos or my pinterest and find colour palettes that would work. I scan in found textures if needed and use them for depth. I refine, refine refine. Then it's done.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

People tell me my work is recognisable which is nice, I would definitely aim for that. There's a lot of retro-inspired work out there a lot of mid-century love, but I guess you put your stamp on it with a combination of subject matter, inspiration, and drawing style.

What am I presently working on?

See question 1! I also have a big trade show coming up - Top Drawer - it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for so that's my main job at the mo. I also just licensed one of my designs to a greeting card company so I'm preparing the artwork for that and looking over the contract.

Who inspires Me To Create?  

My kids a lot of the time. Something they say, do, or are into. Also my creative peers inspire and motivate me. I want to be the best that I can be, but that's an ongoing process and I don't think I'll ever stop wanting to be better at what I do and make my next favourite print.

A favourite quote?

If you know me at all, you'll know Rosalie Gascoigne is one of my favourite artists, for many reasons other than just her work. I love this whole interview with Rosalie Gascoigne but this is my favourite quote. I think about it sometimes, because it is really is a primal thing:

"Did you become an artist or did it just take you a long time to realise you were one?"
"I didn't ever become one, I was one. I was that sort of animal, no credit to you."

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rubber Stamp Love: Talk to the Sun / Hunter & Co

I've loved rubber stamps ever since I got my first alphabet set as a teen. I stamped everything! I used them a lot in my illustration at college and I still use them sometimes for present wrapping. 

I recently bought this rubber stamp to use on my packages. I think it's nice to brighten up an envelope, I always gasp when a beautiful package comes through the door (always from etsy), it makes my day (maybe I need to get out more ;-)
Talk to the Sun has so many fabulous rubber stamps in her shop, I couldn't possibly pick all my favourites, but here a just a few.

Hunter & Co. Designs get you excited by the possibilities of rubber stamping. If I didn't have enough on my plate I would make some of my own. I'll add it to my list. x

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holidays at home

Gus hasn't quite got the concept of holidays. He understands the ones when we get on a plane and go somewhere but he doesn't quite get how we can be on holiday at home. Why are we at home but not at school?
I was a bit anxious about these hols as usual, there has been a lot of sibling fighting but generally the boys have been amazing. I think the big one has suddenly realised the little one is a lot of fun, and in the absence of school friends, he'll do. So they have been playing imaginary spy games most days and getting a real kick out of each other (occasionally an actual kick but we won't dwell on that).
We have been away to Menorca for a week, and it was our best holiday for a while, but mostly I have loved our holiday at home.
We decided to make more of the deck at the back of the garden. The boys have a playhouse there but it's a lovely shady spot and when the suntrap of the front of the garden gets too hot for me, it's a lovely retreat, so we decided to make a little outdoor living room there. We strung the hammock, got new slings for the deckchairs, bought a little table and a basket for transporting all their gubbins, and there we have been hanging out, eating, playing cards and drawing every day. I don't want summer to ever end.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Felt Cornershop - bonkers but wonderful :-)

Lucy Sparrow has taken over an old cornershop in Bethnal Green, East London and filled it with over 4000 felt groceries for exhibition and sale. Here she is manning the till! You can visit her at the shop till 31st August.

Some of my favourites...